A passion for quality-controlled innovation.

At Allinov, our mechanical welding services are driven by dedicated professionals. We take special care of our production process and the quality of each component for a project.  From design to installation, Allinov has the manpower, expertise and infrastructure to deliver high-quality custom projects.


From our very beginning we have shaped steel with passion and dedication, delivering project after project with commitment and pride. Simply put, we aim to be one of the best in our field. Big or small, we deliver.

We are on a mission

At Allinov, working in close tandem with the client is the only way to truly build lasting results. Custom products require a custom approach. That’s why we at Allinov promote the customer’s involvement in the design, production, installation and start-up processes. This approach allows us to build a strong and sustainable partnership with each client and the people behind the client.

Team spirit

More than a supplier, Allinov is a resource you can rely on for project outsourcing. Composed of skilled craftsmen, experts and managers, we possess a wide range of specialized expertise. Allinov offers the strength and dependability of a highly cohesive team, constantly striving to create and maintain a friendly, productive working atmosphere because we know that it’s the optimal way to achieve a win-win outcome.


“Outstanding teamwork is the basis for outstanding results. This is what makes the difference in achieving our common goals and objectives. The success of Allinov comes directly from the sustained and constant involvement of our team and our passionate craftsmanship at work.”

Michel Blais, President


Our story

Working since 2007 in the precision manufacturing of fixed and portable equipment, Allinov is heir to an age-old tradition handed down by three generations of dedicated metal welders. Since success is a daily challenge, Michel Blais, President and CEO of Allinov, works hard with his team to deliver high-quality products to local, national and international companies, day after day.


Created from an alliance between BMH Systems, a Canadian engineering firm specializing in the design of concrete plants, and Érecteur International, an industrial contractor specializing in steel structures, Allinov’s mission is to become a full-fledged international leader in custom equipment of the highest standards.

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